Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And a Good Day to You!

I feel like I have been letting my very small amount of readers down, due to my lack of posts. I hope this is not true. You see, I am a perfectionist, and I sometimes feel like I am not putting enough effort or thought into my writing. Not wanting to "jip" anyone.. I just will not post those thoughts.

Then, I decided this isn't really fair either.

My readers should be allowed to see me and my thoughts at their rawest, and most refined stages.

That in mind. I am just about to head home from work.


Instead of driving 25 minutes from my new home to my gym, I decided to run "the hills".
I live on what is called the hills just out side of the valley that encompasses central NY. There is an elevation difference of about 500ft from 'town' to my house. 

I ran these hills in the hot muggy day we had yesterday..3.25 miles of them, and when I returned home, I was sopping wet. I felt gross and amazed at the same time. Running like that is so much different than running on a treadmil. Yes my mil/hr was disgustingly slow, but I FELT amazing.

My whole body was worked in running, it wasn't a mindless machine propelled run.

As I ran, I could feel every slap of my foot on the pavement, and the impact that it had on my entire body. With every swing of my arm I could feel my muscles stretching and retracting. Time actually slowed down in perspective. 

The smell of the countryside mixed with the sun beginning to drop low in the sky gave an amazing scene. There was a point when I even ran past a toad parked on the edge of the pavement, right where the grass began. He didn't even flinch as I ran past him (in one step mind you). I could see deer tracks in the dirt path I was running on (to stay the furthest from the road).

I've run these hills before, but everything felt so new, and yet so familiar. 

What I learned today.
From experience.

Unless you have an exceedingly developed ability to compartmentalize, you cannot participate in a study as both an analyzer of the study, and the test subject of the study.

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  1. Simply wonderful. These words are full of color and the picture you painted with them, is beautiful.