Friday, July 15, 2011

Great Read

So I just finished an amazing book. And I would definitely put it at the top of the required reading list if I started a class built around 'Simplicity'.

Born to Run by Christopher McDougal

About 6 months ago, I saw this book, and didn't think it sounded interesting, so I moved on. 

I must have been having a weird day or something because when I went to the bookstore Monday looking for something to inspire me after my depressing performance at boilermaker, this seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

I am absolutely obsessed with running. I think about it most of the day, everyday. I read tons of blogs and books on it. 

The problem is, as much as I love it, I am absolutely no good at it. I mean granted I have never had any training or anything like that. I just started running, and I loved the feeling of getting lost in myself out on a trail, with nothing to distract me or steal my attention away from admiring the beauty around me.

I really wanted to be able to run farther and longer, and in this book it seemed that he was searching for the same thing.. 

Now of course I couldn't put this book down. Not only did I gain a ton of insight to myself as a runner, but I gained insight to myself as a person.

This was like a gift with purchase. It was above and beyond what I was looking for. As you all know from reading my blog, I really want to get back to the simplicity of life. It is just who I am, to be in tune with myself and my surroundings, and take the complications out of everyday things.

Go read this book, even if you're not a runner. It is an amazing story of the journey of a man looking for an answer and finding treasure chest of knowledge and experience.

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